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The tasks of this project are collecting, preserving, and providing of bacteria, which are related to infectious diseases and human health. This project is carried out by Gifu University, Center for Conservation of Microbial Genetic Resource (GCMR) (bacterial pathogens in various infection, opportunistic bacteria), Osaka University, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases (bacterial pathogens in various intestinal infection), and Laboratory of Bacterial Drug Resistance, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine (backup facility). We collaborate to provide a more stable preservation system and a collection with useful strain information on use. We support people who do education, research, and development of tools, related to infectious diseases and bacterial pathogens. We also take over the collection of researchers who retire and preserve their precious genetic resources.

Implementing Organization

  • Core Facility
    • Center for Conservation of Microbial Genetic Resource, Organization for Research and Community Development, Gifu University
    • Principal Investigator : Kaori Tanaka
    • FAX : +81-58-230-6184
  • Contact
    • Core Facility : g_cmr[at]gifu-u.ac.jp
    • Tetsuya Iida : iida[at]biken.osaka-u.ac.jp
    • Haruyoshi Tomita : tomitaha[at]gunma-u.ac.jp
  • Project Constitution
  • Administration Committee
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